Meet our founder, Bernadine Samin

In 2016, Bernadine Samin founded St. Bernadine School of Alllied Health with a pioneering vision to advance knowledge and success for students through her commitment to excellence in the learner-centered environment.  With over forty years experience encompassing fields  in healthcare, marketing, and business management, Bernadine stays firm in her commitment to give her best and do her best for each person who walks through her door.  She continually attends workshops and educational seminars to advance her training and to stay on top of current news, technology, and advancements. Her vision and commitment are strengthened by:

  • Providing a climate of diversity and inclusion that enhances exploration, creativity, and knowledge for all students.
  • Providing an engaging learner-centered environment that fosters inquiry into the many facets of healthcare.
  • Sustaining community partnerships that enhance the educational opportunities for our students.
  • Researching new areas of knowledge and education that promote better applications of health care.
  • Collaborating with peers and mentors to bring forth positive direction for the advancement of the school.
  • Motivating each student who walks in the door with a sense of achievement and can-do attitude. 
  • Collaborating with healthcare facilities to provide various opportunities for each graduate.
So take a leap to a brighter future.  Enroll today and let St. Bernadine School of Allied Health help you jump start your career.